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Dynamic Crowd Limited


Dynamic Crowd Limited is a private formed company with registration No. 143038971 in Tanzania that runs and operates Dynamic Crowd Sports Agency with a vision on active and healthy society movement for sports and community. The company originated, designed and developed at the Center of Innovation of the Institute of Social Work- Dar es Salaam. Its major goal is to engage crowd/community involvement and activities through sports and recreational life style by increasing business opportunity, promote domestic tourism, increase understanding of the socio-cultural over 128 different unique ethnic groups, create a platform or a strategy for crowded community sports hence increase awareness of multiple pertinent issues in the estimated population of about 58 million people.


"To provide a healthy socio- cultural society through sports and improve business opportunities through domestic tourism"


To inspire the Tanzanian society and contribute to health and wellbeing by providing entertainment and business opportunities through sports, domestic tourism and recreational lifestyle.


DCL sports has designed series of events and competition starting with the Strongest Man Challenge to showcase our ideals which are “we can, we will”.
The “we can, we will” project is created to stimulate our population to feel empowered through active participation but also create a necessary platform where we can handpick our future super athletes from different zones of Tanzania intends to advance sports at every level, from preparation to hand-picking, making sure our athletes are guiding all the way towards their retirement. The intention is to give opportunities to our country women and men at large with precise guided help within a comprehensive national plan. In simple terms, DCL intends to be the force that guides sports excellence and become the “mother of all our athletic sports”

DCL also provide an extensive range of commercial cleaning services. Our team comprises of competent and well-trained staff along with high quality cleaning products and equipment’s. Our services are flexible and can be fully customized to work around your business schedule and needs. We offer commercial cleaning for: